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MourneQuest (Board Game)

A Game of Irish Myth & Legend

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The year is 1847 on Jack Turner's 11th birthday. It is the awfulday that his father is lost at sea, and despite great grandma Tess' belief inthe power of the dandelion wishes, Jack knows no amount of magic will bring himback — but he tries anyway. Nothing happens…

In an act of rage, Jack sets in motion a series of events that transports himto the true kingdom of Mourne: a realm half-real, half-imagined that's filledwith all manner of fantastical creatures. Jack encounters Cobs, a 437-year oldclurichaun (don't call him a leprechaun) who lives alone in a creaky old mansionperched on top of a tree that grows within a tree. Soon Jack learns that histampering with the long forgotten magic of Mourne has stirred something deepwithin the heart of the mountains. An ancient wall encircles the center of theKingdom, a wall that has held strong for centuries, but now the evil it wasbuilt to imprison has a plan to escape.

The Nightmares — the deepest fears from the darkest corners of IrishLegend — are being called from their slumber. From the four corners of theKingdom they come. Their one aim: to tear down the wall and set the Old Ones'Shimnavore free.

In MourneQuest, a 2–4 player cooperative board game based on the novelMourneQuest by Irish author Garry McElherron, heroes Jack, Cobs, and theirfriends must battle to banish the Nightmares and save the Kingdom of Mourne. Asthey race towards their goal, they gather power from the land itself, withgranite, blackthorn, flax and gold fueling their quest and magical items toboost their skills. But even the BogBeans, the normally elusive faerie folk ofthe dark forests and marshlands, seem set to block their path.

Together the heroes face an epic struggle to escape the BogBeans, dispel theNightmares, and finally defeat the Shimnavore.

Game Contents:

  • 1 Rule book
  • 1 Playing Board
  • 4 Nightmare Discs
  • 7 Character Cards & matching Hero miniatures
  • 4 Nightmare Cards & matching miniatures
  • 1 Shimnavore Card & matching miniature
  • 4 Combat Dice (Levels 1 to 4)
  • 2 Compass Dice
  • 1 Equipment Deck – 28 cards (inc. 4 Hag Cards)
  • 1 Relic Deck (18 cards)
  • 4 Sets of 16 Charm Counters (Granite, Gold, Blackthorn & Flax)
  • 2 Moon Markers
  • 1 Encounter Bag
  • 5 Magical Pot Markers
  • 3 Sets of Encounter Tiles
  • Level 1 × 13
  • Level 2 × 17
  • Level 3 × 17
  • 3 Bogbean Cards
  • 12 Bogbean miniatures (4 of each level)
  • 6 MourneQuest Talismans
  • 24 Wound Markers
  • 16 Skill Tokens
  • 6 Compass Tokens
  • 4 Broken Wall Marker

The Dice Tower Seal of Approval is a trademark of The Dice Tower, LLCand is used with permission.

Product Details

Product Code: 33728920
Barcode: 5060314600070

Playtime: 60-60 minutes
Recommended Age: 10+
Number of Players: 1-4
Themes: Historical
Board Game Mechanics: Cooperative | Role Playing | Team Based | Variable Player Powers

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