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UGears: Mechanoid Horse (410pc)

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Making the Horse quadrupedal was one of the project's main challenges. Inthe walking mechanisms designed by many engineers before, stability of themoving construction was realised by means of additional extremities or otherextra-supports. UGears' wizards have found a smarter way to achieve stability inmotion. The absolutely unique mechanism of the model that makes your Horse areal quadruped and walking is a brand new innovation developed by UGears andpresented for you to test for the first time ever.

The designers paid special attention to the anatomy of the animal's legs tomake sure that all the joints and movements closely resemble those of a realhorse. To animate the legs the engineers implemented a claw mechanism.

the bionic heart of your horse is a pendulum installed in the chest of themech. The oscillations of the pendulum slow the transmission of energy from therubber-band motor to the movable elements extending the working time of themechanism.

The Bionic Horse won't carry you over the horizon – the distance it cancover in one winding is quite limited. Although, it is enough to observe thework of the unique mechanism and enjoy the beauty of the mechanics ofthe model.

  • Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting
  • Model size: 13,8 × 11,4 × 4­,7 in (350 × 290 × 125mm)
  • Package size: 14,6 × 6,7 × 1,6 in (378 170 × 42mm)
  • Number of parts: 410
  • Estimated time of assembly: 9–16 hours
  • Level: Advanced

Product Details

Product Code: 31101713
Barcode: 4820184120884
Brand: UGears

Recommended Age: 14+

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