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UGears: Globus (184pc)

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At UGears, we like to think that each of our new models is a wonderfulsurprise and an amazing gift to anybody who loves beautiful mechanics. We wantto give more with every model we invent. With this model, UGears gives you –quite literally – the world. Presenting the Globus, your own world ofmechanical marvels.

The Globus is a stylized model of Earth with a set of decorative continents,a rotating mechanism, and curious little extras that make the model even moreinteresting. All details are of high-quality eco-friendly plywood and pre-cutwith a precise laser. No glue or additional tools are required to assemble yourGlobus.

The main module of the model is comprised of two parts: the globe and theplatform with the mechanism. The sphere of the globe sits on an axle inclinedalong the same angle as the axis of the Earth. Like most UGears models, theGlobus is animated by means of a rubber-band motor. However, in this case, themotor uses a different type of winding method. A lever in the base pulled onceclock-wise all the way willfully wind-up the mechanism. As soon as the lever isreleased, the gears begin their work. To slow down the spinning of the Earthsphere, the Globus employs a pendulum reduction mechanism. But if you want it torotate even slower, you can manually turn the Globus and watch the continentsfloat slowly by.

In addition to the main module, the model comes with two interchangeableextra-modules: the Shuttle and the Sputnik. Choose, which satellite you want tocircle your Globus today, and set it on special support. The satellites are alsopowered by the rubber-band motor and connect to the main module via theplanetary gearing. Due to this connection, the satellites rotate almost twice asfast as the globe and make almost two full spins in one pull of awinding lever.

The model is easy enough to assemble and very interesting to observe inmotion. Unique mechanism and iconic design – all the signature features thatmake UGears models a clever gift and the perfect decoration for any home oroffice.

The Globus from UGearss is the model you will want to return to again andagain. Take your Globus from the shelf and dream about all those amazing placesyou plan to visit one day.

  • Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting
  • Model size: in (2118.518.5 cm)
  • Package size: in (37.8173.2 cm)
  • Number of parts:184
  • Estimated time of assembly:4 hours
  • Level: Easy

Product Details

Product Code: 36547977
Barcode: 4820184121096
Brand: UGears

Recommended Age: 14+

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