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UGears: Dream Cabriolet VM-05 (739pc)

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Looking back into the history of mechanics once again with the Ugears DreamCabriolet. Ugears couldn't miss such an important and interesting period, in anot-so-distant past, as the 50s. Rockabilly music, swing dresses, bobby socksand, of course, magnificent luxury cars and convertibles: feel a part of thetime with our new ingenious work – The Dream Cabriolet VM-05. The 50s hadgiven automobiles a completely new look, producing absolutely uniquerecognisable designs. The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is a highly detailed andextremely realistic tribute of the Ugears' designers and engineers to theautomobile industry highlights of that decade.

The model is traditionally equipped by a rubber-band motor that powers themechanism and drives the car. The Cabriolet can go forward or back. To ensureyou can take a close look at the beautiful eight-cylinder V configurationengine in operation, we introduced the idle mode. In this mode, your Cabrioletwill stay still letting you look under the hood to appreciate the beauty of themoving gears. Should you want to put your vehicle in motion, pull thetransmission lever on the steering column.

Both front and rear wheels of the model are suspended to make its rideultimately smooth. Use the steering wheel to move the front wheel coupling andsend the Dream Cabriolet in the direction you choose.

To make the design of this unique model even more realistic, Ugears engineersadded a few important elements that make the automobile look extremely lifelike.We believe you will enjoy the window cranks and fully functional windshieldwipers as well as a lifting jack and a repair toolkit mounted under the reartrunk. Another mechanical feature is the trunk and hood opening mechanisms thatadd some extra-vividness to this highly detailed vintage vehicle.
Find your favourite retro radio station and your Dream Cabriolet will take youinto the dreamlike 50s to share the best of what the decade has to offer.

The Ugears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 model kit is made of sustainably sourcedhigh grade wood and has everything you will need for assembly. The quality ofthe parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywoodboard that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be pulled out ofthe boards and assembled to create a complete convertible. Like all other Ugearsmodels, the Cabriolet comes with step-by-step, full-colour, and requires neitherglue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional self-propelledCabriolet.

*Model size: 13.8 × 6.2 × 3.5 in (35015790 mm)
*Package size: 14.9 × 6.7 × 2 in (37817050 mm)
*Number of components: 739
*Estimated time for assembly: 13 hours
*Level: Advanced

Product Details

Product Code: 31970157
Barcode: 4820184120969
Brand: UGears

Recommended Age: 14+

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